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Have you ever wondered how you can get an exercise workout with your best friend … your pet?Many of us love to exercise … And some don’t! But, most of the time when we do exercise we really don’t want to leave our best friends behind! In this video it shows how you can get the best of BOTH worlds … A workout for you … and for your pet!

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The benefits for a pet owner who exercises WITH their pet is amazing –

They keep you motivated … after all they don’t listen to excuses … do they? They keep you committed … they get super excited when you are heading out the door to do exercise … who would want to let their best friend down?

Enjoy your drink!

So, if you are a pet owner who is ready to take the focus off you and take your connection with your best friend to the next level, this may just be the way to do it!

They take the focus off you … if you are self-conscious or concerned about the number of reps you need to do … well you just CAN’T when you are focussing on including your pet into your routine!