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Let's face it, loads of us leave for work each day leaving our ever faithful pooches in the house or back yard where they wait until we return home once again to feed and fuss over them. So what can you do to help ease the boredom for your dog each day? Here at Mishy Moo we want to share our top 5 tips to help bust the boredom and monotony your dog may face during the 9 to 5 slug.

If you have a dog that loves to dig your lawn or gardens then you should definitely try this diversion tip. I have seen loads of backyards with the old blue clam style kiddy pools set up especially for dogs.

But How

Instead of leaving a bowl full of dry biscuits for them to munch on at midday, hide some of their favourite treats around the yard and in the gardens just before you leave for work. Using delicious tid bits of leftover chicken or ham from the weeks meals, or even their own dry food, is a perfect way to get their noses and taste buds into over drive! Find little nooks, make some trails to water bowls or pop some of the treats on a window sill (idea for larger breads only) to make it more interesting. Once they pick up on the scent they will have hours of fun seeking out the next tasty morsel. Done right, this little hide and seek with food will not only please their nose, but will get their mind working as well.

A word of warning; be careful of leaving treats in rock gardens which use pebbles and keep out of gardens containing spikey plants like cacti or yuccas!

These work a treat when you fill one side with sand on one side with water. You can place your pooches favourite toys in the water or in the sand and you can even try burying a treat like pig ear trimmings in the sand to give them something to dig up - as opposed to your herb garden!

If you have small children around you will need to research local council laws regarding how much water can be left in the clam without having to secure a fence around it.

Keep your Pens!

The idea is you fill the ball with small treats and as your dog nudges it and bounces it around the treats fall out, getting them to think about what they did last to get the treat and doing the same action again, and again, and again. There is something to be said about getting a dogs mind working - it really does tire them out!