"I do assure you that the world needs Durrell"
Sir David Attenborough

The Lonely Dodo, A Cute Animation Australia About the Last Dodo Narrated by Stephen Fry

A short film produced for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to raise awareness of its work saving endangered species from extinction. Starring Stephen Fry and Alistair McGowan. Written and Directed by Matthew Walker. Produced for Aardman by Helen Argo. Production Managed for ArthurCox by Kaia Rose.
The Lonely Dodo won Animal Funding Prize, for The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the title for 'Best use of Digital Media' at the Third Sector Awards for Excellence held at The Grand Connaught Rooms in London on September the 26th 2013.
The Lonely Dodo, A Cute Animation About the Last Dodo Narrated by Stephen Fry by Kimber Streams at 3:17 PM on July 8, 2013. Website supported by: Wildlife Conservation Australia “The Lonely Dodo” is a short animation created by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in which narrator Stephen Fry tells the story of the last lonely dodo bird on the island of Mauritius.
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